Robert Gottenbos Music Video Director and Big Doxx talk about framing their next scene.  Photos by Eternal Mind
Rob Gottenbos & Big Doxx plan the next scene. Photos by Eternal Mind


Another great example of how street art, music, and film can complement each other.

Canon Performance. .Still

The first Rap Video in Fame Yard

Fame Yard is an inconspicuous location in the Melrose section of Los Angeles, CA. The chance is you’ve walked by it and might have missed it a thousand times. It’s a place where graffiti artists from around the world come to paint. In this video, graph artist BLEEK paints Big Doxx’s name on the Fame Yard wall with spray paint while Big Doxx expresses what he thinks about getting caught up in appearances (hint: he doesn’t think much of it!).

Robert and Big Doxx took this LA location and turned it into a ’90s  West Coast Rap Video

The concept of the video is to show the lack of contrast between the two cities Los Angeles & New York. It’s a mix of New York and LA culture. The video was shot entirely in a graffiti yard where only legends are allowed to paint AKA the FameYard. Director Robert Gottenbos and the Supermillion Visuals Production Crew shot this in just one day with the team made up of Richard Pinn, Mauricio Rodrigez, Eddie Donaldson & Tilita Lutterloh featuring art from CBS Crew including Bleek, and the NASA Crew including JUST & Hex Loc, and Booh, many more OG painters from the LA graffiti scene.

Canon Performance. .Still

Who is Big Doxx?

Kehinde “Big-Doxx” Cunningham is a rapper from The Bronx in New York. He has been rapping since 1992 and has released several albums during that time. He has also worked with some of the biggest names in Hip Hop.

Big Doxx’s voice is powerful; it’s deep enough to carry an entire song without getting lost in the mix. His songwriting style is very unique, as he uses metaphors to make his tracks more powerful than usual: In this song, he references Dylon, a hip-hop artist from the hit TV show Making The Band. On the show, Dylon is asked who his favorite rappers and influences are and with a straight face, Dylon replies Dylon, Dlyon Dylon!

Later Comedian Dave Chapelle pokes fun at the rapper by adding his persona to a hit sketch on the Chapelle show

Robert Gottenbos is an all-around Creative Director and Director of Photography.

He’s worked on over 20 Music Videos Including Teyona Taylor’s HDYWI with King Combs (Son of Puff Daddy) which was a tribute to Hype Williams.

Robert got his start in the industry as a Production Assistant working on music videos for artists such as 50 Cent, Ja Rule, and Chris Brown. After taking some time off to create his own marketing firm Robert came back with a renewed passion for filmmaking and has been steadily rising up on the discovery pages ever since!

New York and Los Angeles Merged

The two wanted to create a music video that really merged the three cultures street art, underground hip-hop & film. Big Doxx is from New York, and Rob is from Los Angeles so they wanted to create something that captured both sides of hip-hop culture. They also wanted it to be more than just another music video with some cool shots of famous people doing what they do, but instead capture the underground and commit what some say is a crime smack dab in the middle of a hustle and bustle downtown type area while business men & women, families and even the police stroll by without even noticing. 

Fame Yard is an outdoor location just off Melrose Blvd. 

It’s the home of artworks from graffiti artists around the world. The video shows artists like Bleek Mayhem doing a live piece, works from Dirt Cobain and many more from the notorious Cant Be Stopped Crew.

The crew has recently released a documentary about graffiti art and culture called “Can’t Be Stopped” which features interviews with some of LA’s most famous street artists.


If you’re looking for something great in the hip-hop flavor, check out the video when it releases. It’s not just good for entertainment purposes but also as a way to check out the trifecta of creative skills from people from all walks of life. 

Also, check out Big Doxx on Instagram and all music streaming services.


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