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More shooting & Less grading.

A lot of videographers waste time on the computer editing and dialing a color, others might even be afraid to push it to the extremes in fear that too much color change may be off-putting. Well for those people we have a solution. LUTs created by Rob Gottenbos to speed up your workflow. All you need to do is get exposure correct, your white balance correct and apply the LUT you want. it’s that easy!


New Arrivals

Rob G.’s BLVCK Looks

Developed when working with Legends Brand Rob wanted to create a lut that would wash away all blues while leaving greens, oranges, and reds. He came up with this lut and the brand is still using it today.  

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A Pack of desaturated LUTs by Rob G of Supermillion Visuals

Seek HEAT with this thermal Lut Pack by Rob G of Supermillion Visuals

Film Lut Pack by Rob G of Supermillion Visuals

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