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Appointments for Headshots, Social Media, Private Shoots and Editorials as low as $150  

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Why hire a PORTRAIT photographer?

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this can be true for your portraits too, as long they are of good quality. Which is, believe it or not, quite hard to achieve in portraits. No matter how good your camera is, you will be unlikely to get the perfect result by doing it yourself. A Professional Photography Session will allow you to do and us to capture the greatness. 

Now hosting photo-op meets

Are you looking to get some shots done more for fun or social media? Consider signing up for our group shoots. Happening every second week of the month. Sign up for more info. 

SMV 2022

à la carte Pricing

If you are looking for a Photoshoot with special needs or desires and you think it’s something that requires a more tailored approach feel free to check out our pricing structure and F.A.Q. below and then feel free to reach out. 

SMV 2022

Prints and Frames Available

Here at SMV we have the tech to print our own photos, this may not always seem as easy as you may think. Photos for web have the backlight of your screen for instance where one for print has no backlight. Our printer is the best in the industry and we can celebrate each project with precision.