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Robert D. Gottenbos

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[Disrupts Others In Class]

I was always an outcast growing up, a red-headed freckled-faced fat kid from the south plopped down in the middle of Van Nuys, Ca. It’s one thing growing up looking weird but we were also pretty poor as well. My parents never let me know that though, they kept me entertained with diverse music, trips to the drive-in, and splurging at the thrift stores when new school years came about. I didn’t end up hanging out with the cool kids until my later years in High School but I spent a lot of time watching them and ingesting pop culture. Since I was a maverick I got to sample and interpret music, movies, and tv on my own. I’ve always been open to traveling and experiencing other cultures and I think that mixed with my love of art is something that inspires and hopefully shines through in my work. 


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