Aiden a 27 year old Mercenary has the only known hard drive with a detailed list of fellow mercenaries that he’s been keeping safe, a crime boss finds out and realizes what an advantage it would be to have locations, bank accounts, social security numbers of the world’s most infamous spies and mercenaries. 

The crime organization puts pressure on Aiden, by narrowing down his list of allies, kidnapping his daughter and making him choose between being loyal to the company or being loyal to his daughter.

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Filming Schedule








Final Casting & Call Backs


First night of filming 8pm Los Angeles 


Final day of filming 8pm Los Angeles  


Final edit submission


Los Angeles & Dallas Screening 

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Feel free to take a look at our script. 

About us


Rob Gottenbos ” SuperMillion”  and David Gonzalez “Metal Dave” have had a long history in production and media. From working on television shows for major networks to music videos for charting artist these two have been making their mark and their work has been broadcast everywhere from mobile phones to silver screens. Recently Rob & Dave have started creating their own self produced, self written shorts and short films. You are viewing this webpage because we are looking to you for help on our next cinematic adventure. 

Rob G. & Metal Dave



1st Place winner


A demonic short film about a board game that unleashes demons when played that take the lives of everyone it surrounds.



Best Picture Winner/First Place

“Coal Blooded Murder”

A no holds bar home invasion short, filmed with limited time & mandatory props, characters & dialog 


Future Winner


They take his daughter, he takes their lives.

Here you can take a look at our visual treatment to see how “Death Factor” should look.


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If you are available for filming on the 16th & 17th of April 9pm – 1am and you would like to get involved

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Take a look at the gear we’re using to create this short film.