From concept and production to directing, editing, and animation, we have a team of award-winning creatives ready to take your project to the next level. And to make it even easier we’ve created some packages to get you started. 




Let’s talk

We specialize in PRE-PRODUCTION, Directing, Filming, Editing, and Color-Grading.  We help musicians, artists, and Brands bring their projects to life. We’d love to help you too!


    In order to book you in one of our studios, we will need a 30% deposit on your package. 50% is then paid before the shoot on the day of the shoot. The last 20% is due upon delivery of the final video. If something happens and the footage is lost or damaged we will refund 100% of your investment. 

    We are primarily known in the Hip-hop world but we’ve done a few Metal & Rock music videos for some notable bands too. We’re open to working with any band as long as they share a love of beautiful cinematics. 

    Our gear includes professional-grade Red Digital Cinema bodies, Arri Bodies, Canon bodies, Sony Bodies, a variety of Pro & Cinema lenses + external lighting equipment by Aputure, Godox, Nanlite & More. We utilize techniques like shooting in high frame rates and we use tools like drones, gimbals, sliders, dollys, and more to make sure our shots are smooth and beautiful. 

    We take all forms of payment, Cash, Zelle, Credit, and Debit through our encrypted FDIC-regulated business POS System. 

    We don’t charge extra for things like drone shots, if your location can accommodate them & we feel it’s best for the film and if we have time, we will definitely do it. But sometimes it’s just not called for or applicable so we don’t want to charge you and have to give you bad news the day of.

    Yes! While we spend most of our time on the West Coast we also have partnerships with studios all over the states including New York, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Texas, and more. Just know any shoot 100 miles outside of Los Angeles will incur extra expenses so we can get there and treat our team right. 

    Your final version of the video file will be a big file so we will upload it to a third-party online cloud storage service. This file is not playable by most media playback devices but is of the highest bitrate and lowest compression rate possible to ensure when uploaded to a streaming service it is the best quality playback possible. We also include a version for personal use that is optimized to be played on any device. 

    If you are looking at one of the music video packages you don’t need to worry about hiring any additional crew members. If your video requires actors or models or let’s say professional jugglers, for instance, that is not included. Packages come with Direction, Location, Lighting, Post Production. 

    We have a basic collection of props: fake money, guns, flame throwers, smoke machines, police lighting, and more but make sure we specifically talk about your needs because that might incur an additional expense. Wardrobe is also your responsibility, we have a wardrobe stylist if you need one. 

    Once you have your track ready you might already have an idea or a budget you can spend on promoting your track, that’s when you fill out the consultation booking form and we’ll get in touch right away. We will listen to the track and talk about your ideas to form a solid concept. That is when we book the studio that’s most appropriate and see you then.  

    After working with some Major Label Artists myself I realized sometimes even they need a one-stop situation, they don’t want to find a producer, then a director then a location, and all that… Let it be clear these packages were made with you in mind and we’re ready to make something great even though it comes in a “package”. We can be on standby for you in any city in the US.

    If you or your band is endorsed, has a sponsorship, or a contract for a product placement deal in order to help finance the project we are more than happy to accommodate. We have worked in the past with companies such as Beats By Dre, Jaguar, JBL, and more. Being professional and accommodating is what we take pride in.