Is a music video that important?


The music business has changed drastically over the years and a good music video can be the cornerstone of creating your band’s online image. Recently Billboard even started calculating their charts based on internet views, downloads, and listens. A great music video is an opportunity. It’s a business expense and must be funded properly. Having a compelling video can mean the difference between making a living making music or waiting tables. I know it’s cliche but you only have one chance to make a first impression.


Often times being in Los Angeles we get phone calls from Rappers and Musical artists looking to create a Music Video. While these are occasionally legitimate leads, most of the time the people calling have micro budgets of $500.00 or less.  Let us take a beat and clearly explain why a great music video does not cost $500.00. We hope this will serve as an education for people who are looking to make music videos but have very little knowledge of the business.

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