Sony FS700U Super 35 4K Sensor Camcorder with Accessories
4k Monitor
Zoom Servo
Shotgun Microphone
15mm rails with Cage, Matte Box and Follow Focus
Includes 2 Sony and 2 Monitor batteries for 18hrs of life
Sony A7s
LENS COMPATIBILITY Sony E-mount lenses, Sony A-mount lenses with optional LA-EA adapter SENSOR TYPE Full Frame Exmor™ CMOS sensor SENSOR 35 mm full frame (1.40 x 0.94 in) Exmor® CMOS sensor NUMBER OF PIXELS (EFFECTIVE) 12.2 MP ISO SENSITIVITY (RECOMMENDED EXPOSURE INDEX) Expanded ISO Sensitivity Range ISO 50-409600*1 BATTERY LIFE (STILL IMAGES) Up to 380 shots VIEWFINDER TYPE 0.5
Includes 3 Sony Batteries and a charger
DJI Ronin 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer
Supports Cameras up to 16 Pounds Precision of Control: ±0.02° Transmitter for Remote Pan/Tilt Control Tool-Less Balance Adjustment System Assistant Software for iOS and Windows Bluetooth Wireless Interface for Setup 15mm Rods + Mount Points for Accessories USB and PowerTap Power Outputs Gimbal Tuning Stand Included Included Hard Case Holds Gimbal and More
Includes 2 batteries and a Charger
Gimbal Stand
Remote control for second operator
Zhiyun Crane 2 Support system - motorized handheld stabilizer
The Crane-2 supports DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and camcorders weighing up to a solid seven pounds. Connect your Canon DSLR or mirrorless camera (released after 2008, with an original autofocus lens) to the gimbal via cable, then adjust focus using the large thumbwheel on the handgrip. The Crane-2 offers three levels of focus control, enabling you to fine-tune your focusing based on the lens used, and the shot itself. For quick, convenient adjusting of your camera's settings, the Crane-2 provides an interface comparable to those found on most cameras
Includes 2 batteries and a Charger
Gimbal Stand
Remote control for second operator
This 5' slider will make introducing movement into your shot a breeze. It comes assembled in two pieces and easily attatches to two C- Stands, Apple boxes, or tripods.
Camera Motorized Slider
Tracking shooting - adjust the red knobs on both sides of the camera slider to the upper left and lower right (support time lapse or video shot)-support manual electric two modes
120 degrees Panorama - adjust the red knob on both sides of the camera slider to the lower left and upper right (support time lapse or video shot)
Motorized slider features - set the start and end points at will. Set the motor torque at will. Slip speed (1% -100%) Slip Interval (0. 1-999. 9) stop time (0. 1-999. 9) Photo number (1- 1000) Auto loop
Smooth mute, create smooth mute sliding trip, is the most intimate motorized camera slider, dolly track, video stabilizer. Out of the box, save time
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Rokinon Xeen 35mm T1.5 Cine Lens for Sony E Mount
Rokinon's Xeen 35mm T1.5 Lens is built specifically for use as a cinema lens. It features an internal focus design so that the lens does not change size while focusing, minimizing the appearance of breathing when changing focus. Each lens in the set is multi-coated for good contrast, glare prevention, and color match to a factory standard, allowing you to assemble a set over time with minimal color shift. This 35mm lens provides what is considered a somewhat wide angle of view on full-frame cameras, and a tighter angle of view on smaller formats.
Rokinon Xeen 85mm T1.5 Cine Lens for Sony E Mount
The Xeen by Rokinon 85mm T1.5 Lens for Canon EF Mount is built specifically for use as a cinema lens with the benefit of an image circle that covers a full-frame sensor. The 85mm focal length has the effect of bringing the background closer and is often chosen for portraits and close-ups. An internal focus design allows focusing to 3.75 ft (1.14m) and prevents it from changing in length while focusing to minimize breathing.
Sony E PZ 18-105mm F4.0 G OSS E-Mount Lens
This G Lens for E-mount cameras delivers stunning still or movie imagery with the flexibility of 6x power zoom. Maximum aperture is a constant F4 from 18 mm wide angle to 105 mm medium telephoto, with excellent resolution and contrast throughout. A lever and ring on the lens barrel allow zoom speed to be freely adjusted as required while maintaining a sure, stable grip.
Rokinon AF 50mm f/1.4 FE Lens for Sony E
The first Rokinon lens to feature autofocus, the AF 50mm f/1.4 FE Lens is a fast standard prime designed for full-frame Sony E-mount mirrorless digital cameras. The bright f/1.4 maximum aperture is well suited to controlling depth of field for selective focus imagery, and also suits working in low-light conditions. The optical design incorporates three aspherical elements to minimize spherical aberrations for cleaner, clearer image quality and an Ultra Multi-Coating has also been applied to limit flare and ghosting when working in strong lighting conditions. The lens' autofocus motor works in conjunction with Sony cameras' AF systems for quick and precise focusing performance, and manual focus override is also available for more refined control. A versatile normal-length lens, this lens mixes a fast, bright design with autofocus to present an ideal all-around optic.
Rokinon 14mm F2.8 AS IF ED UMC Super Wide Angle, Manual Focus Lens for Sony E Mount
The Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 IF ED MC Super Wide Angle Lens for Sony E mount gives you approximately a 115deg. view with dramatic results when used with a full frame digital camera or 35mm film camera. With hybrid aspherical lenses, you will produce sharply defined images with a minimum of distortion and chromatic aberrations. This manual focus 14mm lens focuses as close as 0.9' (0.27m) from the lens and has a built-in petal-type lens hood. With some cameras, Shutter Lock must be disengaged on the camera's menu.
RODELink Digital Wireless LAV System
The RØDELink system has an operating range up to 100m (~110 yards), however as with all wireless transmission devices this operating range can be influenced by external factors. The RØDELink system operates in the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum which is shared with common wireless transmission devices such as WiFi networks, Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens and more. The more 2.4GHz devices that are simultaneously running in the same location as your RØDELink system, the more congested this 2.4GHz frequency spectrum will be, cutting down the signal strength and overall operating range for all 2.4GHz devices. In a very busy 2.4GHz environment you may find your RØDELink system is unable to maintain its maximum operating range.
TX-BELT Transmitter
Captive TRS Cable
Lavalier Microphone
Wireless Receiver
sennheiser MKE 600
The MKE 600 from Sennheiser is a shotgun microphone designed for use with a camcorder or video DSLR. Building on the company's extensive expertise in designing shotgun microphones, it is able to take on even the toughest video sound challenges, while still being compact and short relative to previous models. With its high level of directivity, the microphone focuses on the sounds in front of the camera, while attenuating unwanted sound coming from the sides and rear.
DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 Quadcopter with 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal
The Inspire 1 Camera shoots 4K video at 24p and 30p, and it can shoot HD video frame rates from 24p to 60p. It features a 1/2.3
DJI Mavic 2 Pro - Quadcopter - Wi-Fi - black
The Mavic 2 Pro commands a powerful 1-inch CMOS sensor, offering stunning 20-megapixel aerial photos with extreme detail. Designed by Hasselblad in collaboration with DJI, the L1D-20c camera houses an adjustable-aperture lens, providing more control over your lighting environment.